About Us

Hey there, I'm Simone, a 29 year old mother to one daughter, one son, and another son the way, a wife, and creator of Little House of Kind. 

Little House of Kind has been a long road to where it is today. After having my second baby in 2014, I slowly became more and more aware of the benefits of toxin free living. My son had a lot of skin irritations and a few illnesses that required me as a mother to start investigating and exploring alternate options to the products and household items I was using so freely with my first born. After making the switch for my family over to organic personal care and house hold products, I became more involved in certified organic products and started my own home business selling them. At the beginning of 2018 my focus began to shift towards organic clothing and I decided to branch out into the textile world and this is when Little House of Kind was brought to life. 

Little House of Kind stocks brands that uphold similar values toward slow fashion, sustainability, ethics, fair trade, and use of natural fibres. Our very own Label 'Little House of Kind' is currently still in the early stages of production but we aim to have a SA19 collection. 

Check out our instagram @littlehouseofkind to keep up to date with our latest collections and to also learn more about me, lifestyle and children related antics and see all of the Little House of Kind behind the scenes. 


A B O U T  T H E  L A B E L

Little House of Kind's own label is an everyday, staple piece fashion label. Pieces that are made to last and be handed down from sibling to cousin to friend, as they are timeless designs that will keep our kids in style. Most pieces are inspired by nature with the use of neutral tones and simple designs. I am a huge supporter of the Slow Fashion Movement and also supporting other small businesses. After many many hours of research and late nights spent speaking to suppliers, manufactures and other small business owners, I am confident in knowing the clothing we produce, as well as stock, is made as ethical and sustainable as possible. There is always room for improvement and areas that are still evolving and we make sure  we are keeping as up to date as possible to ensure our values are kept at the highest of standards. 

S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y 

Little House of Kind sources natural fibers, eco friendly materials and dyes which are recyclable or biodegradable to do our part in minimising our impact on waste, landfill and pollution. We also use 100% recyclable/biodegradable packaging for all wrapping, tags and business related signage.  

E T H I C A L 

All of the brands stocked by Little House of Kind are carefully selected by their use of manufacturers or employers, that provide adequate wages and working conditions for their employees. These labels do not make their items 'cheap' and I truely believe in supporting the people behind these labels while at the same time providing our customers with top quality garments that will last season after season. 


Lastly, when you purchase from Little House of Kind, as we are a small business you are also supporting a family of 5 and we really appreciate your support. There are big plans for Little House of Kind and I hope you all stay along for the journey. 


Much love

Simone xx